Richard Tetrault

Thanks for visiting my website! Artwork is arranged both by medium as well as by themes. i update it regularly with projects and new pieces. 

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I have lived and worked for most of my career in Vancouver, with a studio in Strathcona, near Chinatown. My paintings, prints and murals explore life within the contemporary urban landscape.  I have been influenced by my involvement in the community, most specifically the Downtown Eastside of the city, and in the desire to reveal its numerous sides. The shifting dynamics of the street is a collage of images and encounters that are both edgy and full of primal vitality, and I am interested in the qualities and dynamics of the modern, ever-changing street-scape.  In studio work, I move between the mediums of woodcut, monoprint, mixed media painting and acrylics. Each infuses the other with possibilities, providing springboards for new directions.

Public murals are both solo and collaborative, and along with painted murals, i have worked in a broad range of media that include mosaic, etched aluminum and concrete. My public works have been influenced both by the muralists of Mexico, as well as by contemporary Muralist movements in the United States. I can be reached at




Recently commissioned by the City of West Vancouver, two of my 'wood relief' murals.

A series of new paintings  based on  Vancouver's evolving Chinatown, a three-person exhibit with photographers Esther Rausenberg and Louise Francis-Smith.

My new piece, a powder coated and etched aluminum work called Urban Weave, will be launched at the opening of the new building called Storeys, located at 8111 Gr

Thanks to all who came and visited my studio during the 2017 Culture Crawl!