Richard Tetrault


My paintings, prints and murals explore life within the contemporary urban landscape.  I have been influenced by my involvement in the community, and in the desire to reveal its numerous sides. The shifting dynamics of the street is a collage of images and encounters that are both edgy and full of primal vitality. I am interested in the qualities and dynamics of the modern, ever-changing streetscape.  I move between the mediums of woodcut, monoprint, mixed media painting and acrylics. Each infuses the other with possibilities, providing springboards for new directions. Public murals are both solo and collaborative. I have been influenced both by the muralists of Mexico's past, as well as by contemporary community-based muralism in the United States and elsewhere. Collaborative process develops community expressions of shared striving for a sense of place.

Murals include Radius, Through the Eye of the Raven, Walls of Change, River of Crows, Summer City Street and Community Walls/Community Voices. I received the City of Vancouver Mayor's Arts Award for Community Public Art in 2008, and in 2013 The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal. I live and work in Strathcona, East Vancouver. Works are available through the galleries listed in the 'contact' section, or I can be reached at


Using a steamroller in an open-air summer event, a team of 12 artists created woodblocks on full sheets of MDF board that were inked and printed.

Curated by Celia Duthie and Nicholas Hunt of the Duthie Gallery on Salt Spring Island, Touch Wood is a landmark exhibition by prominent B.C. artists.

Working on a new mural for the Community Arts of White Rock, at Centennial Recreation and Arts. This piece will be complete by the end of June, with an inauguration to follow.