Richard Tetrault


My paintings, prints and murals explore life within the contemporary urban landscape.  I have been influenced by my involvement in the community, and in the desire to reveal its numerous sides. The shifting dynamics of the street is a collage of images and encounters that are both edgy and full of primal vitality. I am interested in the qualities and dynamics of the modern, ever-changing streetscape.  I move between the mediums of woodcut, monoprint, mixed media painting and acrylics. Each infuses the other with possibilities, providing springboards for new directions. Public murals are both solo and collaborative. I have been influenced both by the muralists of Mexico's past, as well as by contemporary community-based muralism in the United States and elsewhere. Collaborative process develops community expressions of shared striving for a sense of place.

Murals include Radius, Through the Eye of the Raven, Walls of Change, River of Crows, Summer City Street and Community Walls/Community Voices. I received the City of Vancouver Mayor's Arts Award for Community Public Art in 2008, and in 2013 The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal. I live and work in Strathcona, East Vancouver. Works are available through the galleries listed in the 'contact' section, or I can be reached at


Just finishing up the SPOTA Mosaic a public art piece that pays tribute to the founding members of the Strathcona Property Owners and Tenants Association which was founded in Dec 1968.