Murals: Collaborations

detail, central figure, south wall

York Mural (details)

acrylic painting on plywood panels

Intersections (details)

Culture Wave (details)

Muscial Spheres (Counterpoint) (details)

Salmon Cycle (detail with artists) (details)

Culture Wave, detail (details)

Radius mural, night shot (details)

SPOTA Mosaic (details)

Port Coquitlam,

Railside Mural (details)

River of Crows (details)

River of Crows (details)

Through the Eye of the Raven (details)

Crossings (work in progress) (details)

Russian Hall (south west corner) (details)

Russian Hall (details)

Community Walls/Community Voices (details)

Community Walls (detail) (details)

murals, London Ontario, recent murals

London Mural- Argentina/Canadian Collaboration (details)

Walls of Change-Collaborations (details)

Street Corner (details)

Walls of Change (Portland Hotel mural) (details)

Through the Eye of the Raven (detail) (details)

Point of Contact (details)

Kids Guernica (details)

Russian Hall (south) (details)

Strathcona Street Piece detail (details)

Crossings (details)