Printmaking: Relief Prints, Urban Industrial

woodcut, Mexico/China/Canada, Ironworkers Memorial Bridge Vancouver

Bridge Piece-Diptych (details)

woodcut, contemporary prints, Chinatown, Vancouver

Reclamation-Powell Street (details)

Approaching Storm (details)

Nightscape-Railway Street #2 (details)

woodblock with print, relief print, woodcut, Night Waterfront

Night Waterfront-(Mirror Image ) (details)

Chinatown-Variations #2 (details)

Disappearing Alley (details)

Floating World #2 - Freighters (details)

Reflections #1 and Reflections #2 (details)

Rising Tide - Venice (details)

Alley Variations #5 (details)

Alley Variations #9 (details)

Bridge 1, Fogbank (details)