Recent Work Series

One Crow and Three Lanterns (details)

Two Crows, One Dragon (details)

From Kerela -India Series (details)

York mural detail (details)

South wall, mural in progress Vancouver

York Mural, south wall (details)

Waiting for the Sun #2-Rajhastan series (details)

Waiting for the Sun #1- (Rajasthan series ) (details)

acrylic/muslin, Chinatown, Crow painting

Crows' Alley, Chinatown- Triptych (details)

Chinatown-Illuminated interior (details)

Industrial Waterfront-Nightfall #2 (triptych) (details)

Chinatown-Red Door #3 (details)

a recent work about the shifting landscape of Vancouver's Chinatown.

Fugitive Street # 4 (details)

Urban Weave #2 DTES (details)

collage, chinatown, Vancouver,

Fragments-Chinatown Series (details)


Railside (Flight of Crows) (details)

Eastside Series #2 (details)

Eastside #1 (details)

Richmond, Public Art, installation

Urban Weave (details)

Fugitive Street -Chinatown Series #2 (details)

Reclamation-Powell Street #5 (details)

acrylic collage on paper

Shadows-Chinatown Series (details)

Displacement Series-Balmoral #1 (details)

acrylic/graphite on Mylar

Alley Crows-(encounter) (details)

drawing, woodcut and Squidprint with acrylic on Mylar

Rooms Keefer Street, Chinatown (details)

Chinatown, Vancouver, Urban landscape, Fugitive Street series

Fugitive Streets-Chinatown #1 (details)

Alley Crows-Chinatown #2 (details)

Reclamation. Powell Street #4 (details)

Chinatown-Red Door #2 (details)