Recent Work Series

Urban Weave (details)

Fugitive Street -Chinatown Series #2 (details)

Reclamation-Powell Street #4 (details)

Double Happiness -Powell Street #5 (details)

Shadows-Chinatown Series (details)

Under a Red Lantern (details)

Displacement Series-Balmoral #1 (details)

Mylar, recent works, Powell Street series,

Reclamation. Powell Street #4 (details)

Chinatown-Red Door #3 (details)

Chinatown-Red Door #2 (details)

Crows, urban crows, acrylics, mylar painting

Balancing Crows #1 (details)

Venice series, acrylic on Mylar with graphite, woodcut

Submerged, Venice (details)

acrylic on Mylar, photograph on Mylar

Feather/Wind and Wave (details)

Chinatown-Dragon (details)

Alley-Blue Feather #2 (details)