Urban Crow Series


Ravens-Haida Gwaii #2 (details)

woodcut, Haida Gwaii series,

Haida Gwaii #3-North Beach (details)

Acrylic on Mylar, Crows, Haida Gwaii

Gestural-Haida Gwaii series (details)

acrylic, mylar, Haida Gwaii   sold

Trio-Haida Gwaii series (details)

urban crows, acrylics, paper

Sunscape with Crows (details)

acrylic/collage, ravens, print/collage

Rain Ravens #1 (details)

Balancing Crows #1 (details)

acrylic, crowpainting,screen

Crow Screen #3 (details)

woodcut, Ravens

Duo-Ravens #1 (details)

Urban Crows, Paintings, Contemporary, acrylics

Duality #2-Blue Ground (details)

Crow study, painting, Corvids

Duality #1 (details)

Woodcut, Ravens, relief prints,

Lunar Ravens #1 (details)

Phantom Crow #2 (details)

Phantom Crow #1 (details)

Crow #5- Landing (details)

Painting, Crows, recent paintings, urban

Alley Crows-Quartet (details)

Waterfront Crow (details)

Crow Frieze - Yellow Ground (details)

Industrial City Crow #1 (details)

Crow Frieze, Green Ground

Crow Frieze-Green Ground (details)

Color Field Crows (details)

Industrial City Crow #2 (details)

Scrap Yard Crow #1 (details)

Chinatown Crows - Feather (details)

Crow-From Above (details)

Illuminated Crow #1 (details)

Crow-Profile (details)

Presence of Crows (details)

Reflection-Crows (details)

Disappearing Alley #1 (details)

wood and lino cut

Crow Frieze-Yellow Ground (details)

Crows Under a Streetlight (details)

Crow Frieze #2-Black and White (details)

Urban Crows, Paintings, Contemporary, acrylics

Duality #3-Red Ground (details)