Urban Industrial Series

Nightscape #1-Inner Harbour (details)

Illuminated Waterfront-Nightfall. (details)

Chinatown-Red Door #3 (details)

Fragments-Chinatown Series (details)

woodcut, Mexico/China/Canada, Ironworkers Memorial Bridge Vancouver

Bridge Piece-Diptych (details)

Chinatown, Vancouver, Urban landscape, Fugitive Street series

Fugitive Streets-Chinatown #1 (details)

Reclamation-Powell Street (details)

Chinatown-Red Door #2 (details)

acrylic, industrial landscapes, freighters

Offshore-Grey Sky (details)

Suspended- Powell Street (details)

Inner Harbour-North Shore #3 (details)

Inner Harbour-North Shore #2 (details)


Inner Harbour-North Shore #1 (details)

Inner Harbour-North Shore (details)

acrylic/industrial paintings

Railway Street #4 (details)

 Rialto series, Venice paintings

Rialto #1-Market (details)

acrylic on paper, North Shore painting

North Shore #2 (details)

Storm-North Shore Series #1 (details)

Industrial Landscape #9-Cranes and Crows (details)

triptych on canvas

Inner Harbour-Nightfall #1 (details)

Approaching Storm (details)

Nightscape-Railway Street #2 (details)

woodblock with print, relief print, woodcut, Night Waterfront

Night Waterfront-(Mirror Image ) (details)

Containers-Blue Pole (details)

Keefer Street (details)

acrylic/collage on canvas

Gastown-Mapped Terrain (details)


Silos at Night (details)

collage on panel, Urban, Industrial painting,

Industrial Waterfront -collage #1 (details)

Harbour painting, Inner Harbour #3, Berth

Inner Harbour #3-Berth (details)

Ironworkers Screen (verso) (details)

Chinatown-Variations #2 (details)

Ironworkers Screen (details)

Offshore- Shifting Weather (details)

Disappearing Alley (details)

Floating World #2 - Freighters (details)

Historic sourced woodcut of Steveston,

Steveston Historic (details)

Trainsmoke (triptych) (details)